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WEDNESDAY, December 27th, 2023 | 9:00AM

Show Notes

Mindful thinking plays an important role in maintaining a peaceful mind, body, and soul. Listen to the discussion between Doctors Dana McNeil and Adole Muruako as they explain the importance of self-regulation skills, including how tapping into your body helps develop this skill set further and how reframing discomforts through mindful thoughts, individuals can overcome their fears of uncertainty with courage while relying on their innate wisdom to manage their emotions better.

↓ K E Y M O M E N T S ↓
00:19 Meet Adole Muruako PhD, MEd, LPC, BC-TMH
00:55 Tapping Into Your Body. What Is Self-Regulation?
03:11 Why Should I Be Mindful Of My Thoughts?
06:03 Reframing Discomfort
09:35 Tuning Into Your Body
11:27 What Are We Scared Of?
15:55 Letting Your Natural Wisdom Take Over
20:00 Practice Makes Perfect
22:31 The Inability Self-Regulate is Causing Fires In Relationships
26:18 How Do You Tell Someone You Think They Need To Work On Self-Regulation?
29:26 Tips, Tricks & Final Thoughts
31:07 Where to Find Adole


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Dr. Dana McNeil


Adole Muruako


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