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WEDNESDAY, December 6th, 2023 | 9:00AM

Show Notes

In this episode of The D Spot, we’ll discuss how to reframe our state of mind to view things as happening for us rather than happening to us. We’ll also explore the reasons why we expect our partners to be mind readers and offer tips for finding your worthiness. Additionally, we’ll talk about emotional load, what it is, and how you can recognize your own red flags.

↓ K E Y M O M E N T S ↓
02:27 Flowing Into Possibilities
05:24 Reframing Your State of Mind to Happening For Us Versus Happening To Us
10:45 Why Do We Expect Our Partner’s To Be Mind Readers?
14:10 Finding Your Worthiness
16:55 Emotional Load: What is it?
20:52 How Can I Recognize My Own Red Flag?
27:22 Embodied Anger
33:15 Final Thoughts


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Dr. Dana McNeil


Nicole Schiener


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