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WEDNESDAY, January 3rd, 2024 | 9:00AM

Show Notes

Polyamory is still often misunderstood, so listen to Dr. Dana McNeil and Dr. Joli Hamilton as they discuss what it means and how to practice healthy boundaries in open relationships. Tune in now for some insightful tips!

↓ K E Y M O M E N T S ↓
00:29 What is Polyamory?
02:16 How Close is Too Close?
04:34 Turning Expectations Into Explicit Agreements
07:42 What Kind Of Relationship Are You Trying To Build?
10:57 Maybe It’s Just Not The RIght Time.
18:04 Turning Jealousy Into Healthy Boundaries
26:42 The DIfference Between Boundaries, Rules & Agreements
35:08 Where To Find Joli


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Dr. Dana McNeil


Dr. Joli Hamilton

PhD – Relationship Coach

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