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WEDNESDAY, January 17th, 2024 | 9:00AM

Show Notes

Join us today as we sit down with Darlene Lancer, walking through the concepts of her significant work Codependency For Dummies. Drawing lines between past and present, Darlene uncovers how childhood behaviors can seep into adult life and generate feelings of shame and codependency. As the discussion deepens, she identifies harmful coping mechanisms we unknowingly incorporate in our relationships.
Delving into ‘The Tyranny of The Shoulds’, Darlene examines what it means to disconnect from your true self, focusing on external validations. And if you ever wondered what happens once a narcissist feels secure, then this video is for you! Walk through the challenging path of recovering from codependency and get a new perspective on loneliness with Darlene. Find out where you can connect with her in her last words in the video.

↓ K E Y M O M E N T S ↓
00:13 Meet Darlene Lancer
01:03 Codependency For Dummies
04:11 Where Does Shame & Codependency Begin?
10:10 The Transference of Childhood Behaviors to Adult Life
12:43 Coping To Survive
13:53 Discovering Potentially Bad Coping Mechanisms Within New Relationships
15:53 The Tyranny of The Shoulds
17:04 When You’re Disconnected From Your True Self, You Are Going To Look Outside Yourself
19:22 It Starts Out With Both Wanting To Be Loved By Each Other
20:58 Once A Narcissist Feels Secure
23:21 Recovering From Codependency
28:11 Darlene, You’re Lonely, And That’s Ok.
31:03 Final Thoughts & Where You Can Find Darlene


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Darlene Lancer

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