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WEDNESDAY, January 10th, 2024 | 9:00AM

Show Notes

Join us as we meet Sarah Barr, a dedicated mental health professional hailing from Ireland. In this episode, we dive into her journey in breaking stigmas associated with mental health in Ireland. Learn how the choice of viewing our thoughts is ours alone. Delve deeper as Sarah talks about our inherent negative bias and ways to challenge it especially in relationships. We are talking about positive coping skills and how to flip the script on survival mode. Don’t miss it. Listen now.

↓ K E Y M O M E N T S ↓
00:14 Meet Sarah Barr, She’s From Ireland!
02:00 Becoming A Mental Health Professional in Ireland
04:57 Breaking New Ground & Stigmas in Ireland
06:11 I Am Not What Happened To Me
08:01 How We Choose To View Our Thoughts…Is Our Choice
12:40 Pre-Programmed To Have A Negative Thought
17:19 Challenging Your Negative Thoughts In Relationships
20:39 A Toolkit Full of Positive Coping Skills
22:24 A Little Tip that You Can Try Out Today
24:00 Survival Mode
24:40 What Sarah Barr Has Cooking


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Dr. Dana McNeil


Sarah Barr

Mental Health Counselor | Ireland

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